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My Mission

To provide a discreet, dignified, confidential service to individuals experiencing all forms of hair loss. Treasured Tress Mobile Wig Service is dedicated to providing high quality, reasonably priced hair alternatives.


My Vision

Treasured Tress Mobile Wig Service was developed from a personal need for local, discreet access to alternative hair. My vision is to create a comfortable, safe, supportive, local service that helps restore confidence to individuals experiencing hair loss.

My Treasured Tress Journey

Hair loss is a journey, we are all on various paths.

Twenty years of confidence building, personal growth and acceptance of my disorder resulted in the creation of Treasured Tress Mobile Wig Service.

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Seanne Meldrum


I was 25 and pregnant when I was diagnosed with Alopecia  Areata (a type of hair loss that is caused by ones own immune system attacking hair follicles), I was devastated. By 27 I lost 95% of my hair coupled with postpartum depression, my confidence and self- esteem took a serious nose dive. Local support and services were limited and not the most dignified experience, I frequently felt vulnerable, ashamed and hopeless. I tried anything(cortisone shots, emu oil, the list is long) and everything to find solutions, I was taken advantage of many times along my journey.  Fast forward to 2018, I still live with Alopecia Areata and very little has changed locally with alternative hair solutions. I decided to develop Treasured Tress Mobile Wig Service so individuals experiencing hair loss will not struggle as I did.