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About Me

In 1995, pregnant with my son, I was feeling healthy, beautiful, young and strong. I was 25; in my prime and of course, I had a beautiful mane of hair. It was a hot August afternoon that I decided to have my hair cut short, and I heard words ( I will never forget), "There's a dime sized bald patch at the base of your hairline, I can't cut your hair any shorter".  I immediately blamed my hairdresser for gouging my hair, then he took my hand to feel the smooth, barren spot. I was in shock and began to cry! My perfect mane was flawed!

That dime grew to a quarter, a loonie, a toonie then eventually 95% of my head was in hair loss stage. I was referred to a top dermatologist who diagnosed me with Alopecia Areata (an autoimmune disorder/disease that causes the body to fight it's own hair follicles, which results in hair loss), the suggested best course of action was to have multiple cortisone shots in my head. It was painful and noneffective.

By 27, I  was coping with severe postpartum depression and major hair loss. Instead of styling the minimal hair left on my head in a terrible comb over. I made the huge life altering decision to shave my head AND it came at a great cost. The day I shaved my head, my almost two-year old stopped talking to me for two weeks! He would come to me for needs, but would not acknowledge me as "Mommy" nor look at me in a loving manner. 

I told myself ugly stories of unworthiness, nonacceptance, self loathing and isolation.

At the time I lost my hair, Halifax was a barren ground for wigs; my choices were limited to a few options and not great for a 27 year old, new to total hair loss.

Over the years, I have been taken advantage of and experienced multiple undignified experience.

- A custom human hair wig at $3000 in 1998, that took 3 months to arrive, only to be hacked off to look terrible.

- Being video recorded, trying on wigs in a room where anyone could walk in.

- Being on display in a salon chair and assured my privacy was the greatest importance, while the shop owner chatted up other clients entering the store.

- Being led to a storage room when I requested privacy. Was privacy so unimportant that a storage room was required? I left empty handed, feeling deflated.

The list goes on.The best words I can use to describe how I felt were; Unimportant and "ICKY", these are not feelings you should experience while trying on wigs.

Still living with hair loss and tired of seeking alternative hair solutions, I decided to make a positive change and start Treasured Tress.

My mission, is to to provide a private, inclusive, dignified experience for all individuals experiencing hair loss and seeking alternative hair solutions.